I'm an American who has lived in Sicily for almost 40 years, married to a Sicilian. Although I am not a tour guide, I love showing Sicily on my own, making it as personal as possible. I have been doing this for ten years and everyone seems to enjoy our family type of private touring. We have done a lot over these years, from planning a wedding in Corleone to working for Discovery Channel, ITN magazine, Susy Gershwin's travel book, Departure magazine, picking up people staying at villas from Think Sicily, and even writing a Sicilian cook book. But what I enjoy most and what I'm best at is family research: going back to ancestral towns finding families and reuniting them.

Were your roots from here? Do you want to see the town where it all started? Do you want to find relatives still living here? Would you like to see the original birth records and certificates of your ancestors, and walk the same streets they did? Let's do it together. I have done it for hundreds of persons just like yourself. I have done it for 2 person up to 32. Bring all your family over. We can mix sightseeing with family research. I can arrange everything for you or give you suggestions. I only charge for the days you are with me. All "preliminary" research/planning before your arrival will be free of charge. I have no fixed timing and I can send references from all over the United States. So, if you are interested in private tours, transportation or interpreting (I speak both Sicilian and English) or anything involving Sicily (even wedding destinations), please email me at rosybartolotta@yahoo.it. Call me at +39 091-8665322 or +39 347 958 4516.

The Bartolottas.A little more about me... I'm from Detroit, Michigan, where I worked at The Detroit News. I met my future husband during a summer vacation, married him and have been living here in Sicily ever since. I've come to love Sicily more and more over the years. My husband is Sicilian, and before starting this new career he was a banker. Now that the children have grown, we decided to do something different with our lives and decided to go into private touring. It's something we love doing, and in this way I can combine my American way of thinking with my love for the beauty and culture of Sicily.

My husband loves driving, and having worked all over Sicily he's familiar with all the roads off the beaten path. We have two vehicles: a station wagon with air-conditioning and a smaller one for ease in parking. The traffic here is worse than New York. My husband and I will pick you up at the airport and go on from there. We have no time limit; if you're not tired neither are we. It may seem like you're spending more money but you'll get away from the buses, the waiting, the crowds - and you choose what to do, where to eat, where to go and when. You'll see twice as much as you would otherwise.

I like seeing the little things that in my opinion count more. Things that will be impressed in your memory in years to came. From my personal experiences, we can suggest restaurants with the best local food at the best prices, the best deals on shopping (jewelry stores, linen shops, and clothes). Each little town tells a story, it has its best pastry shop, and every town has something special. In fact, even after I think I know a place by heart I discover more. Sicily is never-ending. This is what I hope to show you. If you are looking for something special, more personal, you'll be happy with us. I hope to hear from you soon.

PS: I am 58 and my husband is 63. I do not require deposits (down-payments).