Family history research in Sicily.

Come to Sicily to meet your ancestors! Finding your Sicilian roots, and actually visiting an ancestor's place of birth on this enchanting island, has never been easier. Genealogy, the study of ancestry, reflects a living, personal history unique to you and your family. We'll help you discover it. Right here in Sicily.

What we do: The historical "background" of family history - the "science" of genealogy - is important because there's no substitute for documentation and historical records.

History has to be rooted in facts, even when it's embellished with a touch of legend. But it is the people who make history what it is; otherwise it would be little more than a series of names, dates and events. Your ancestors almost seem to come back to life when you actually journey to where they were born, and where their families (your family) lived for centuries. There's really no substitute for that, either.

Sicilian act of marriage from 1838.We undertake essential genealogical research and organize these sentimental journeys, which often take the form of family "reunions" between distant, or not-so-distant, cousins.

How we do it: Contact us with your interests, indicating the town(s) you'd like to visit. Eventually we'll need the earliest ancestral information you have. We've organized family history trips for smaller groups (even two people) or larger ones (over 30). Once we understand your needs and interests, we'll provide a quote of the costs. And yes, sightseeing is a natural part of any family history trip. Of course, we arrange your transportation and travel logistics.

Seeing Sicily: Generally considered the world's most conquered island, Sicily boasts a multicultural history that you can actually touch. It is at once Phoenician, Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Swabian, Angevin, Aragonese and much more. Each society left their mark, whether it's an ancient Greek temple, a medieval castle or a Baroque church. These sights are part of Sicilian history, and they're part of your Sicilian family's history too. They were woven into the fabric of your ancestors' daily life.

Plato, Cicero and Saint Paul all came to Sicily, whose culture has been founded in their long shadows. Sicily's cultural and culinary traditions are part of a heritage spanning nearly forty centuries. When you visit Sicily, it is these fascinating influences on your ancestors' ancestors that you'll see.

Your family history trip is about more than information, sights and sounds. It is an experience that will touch your soul.

About Us: With a decade of experience finding clients' Sicilian ancestors, and accompanying those clients on personalized family history trips around Sicily, Rosy Bartolotta's services fill a unique niche in the field of family history research but also in the highly specialized realm of vacations and holidays undertaken - at least in part - in search of ancestors as well as (in many cases) living kin. Rosy and her husband (who works with her) have literally hundreds of satisfied clients. What makes these clients' experiences special is that each came to Sicily to see where their ancestors lived, to walk the streets they walked, to see the landscape they saw, to visit the churches where they worshipped. And that's what you will experience too. Meet Rosy.

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